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Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt Ltd

Who We Are :

ISO Certification:

Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd., is a flagship company of Srikrishna Group, which is a Rs.100 crore entity with interests spanning various sectors like milk and milk products, ice creams and fresh foods, restaurants and hospitality. Srikrishna Group has the distinction of being the first organized private sector venture in milk industry in Karnataka state. Continuing in the same pioneering tradition, Hangyo Ice Cream Pvt. Ltd., is also Karnataka’s first private ice cream manufacturer in the organized sector. Incorporated in 2002, Hangyo, is today a leading ice cream brand loved by consumers across all segments of society in its rapidly growing market spanning the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Goa.

Hangyo Ice Cream Pvt. Ltd., is a ISO 22000:2005 certified company for both its divisions - Dairy and Ice Cream. Hangyo is probably the first ISO certified company in private sector in ice cream manufacture in the state.

Market Reach:

Retailing Models:


Hangyo ice creams are offered in a variety of presentations like cups, cones and candies. At present 138 varieties of ice creams are available in these novelties and also in larger take home family packs. Hangyo Ice Creams are presently marketed throughout Coastal Karnataka from Mangalore to Karwar and in major cities of the state like Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum, Haveri, Gulbarga, Bagalkot, Bijapur. The small towns like Athani, Navalgund, Naragund, Ranebennur, Gadag are also covered. Hangyo Ice Creams have already opened in Solapur and Kolhapur, in southern Maharashtra.

Strong retailing network is the key to win any retail market. Hangyo Ice Creams has introduced an unique retail format which has enabled the brand to remain consistently successful. This format relies on a chain of franchisees called “Hangyo Parlours” and “Hangyo Shoppes” for the vending of ice creams and milk products.

Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd., presently has a network of  over 6000 retailers in its operational area. In larger cities, Hangyo Ice Creams also has valuable associations with bigger Retailing giants like Big Bazaar, Metro, More and Reliance Fresh for display and sales of its varieties of ice creams

Maiden Unit : The company’s maiden full-fledged manufacturing plants are situated in Heroor Village of Udupi District. This plant was established in 2003 with all indigenous content.

The plant has production capacity of 10,000 litres of ice cream per day. All the ice cream products of the company are manufactured in this plant in various presentation like Cones, Candies, Sundaes and Ice Cream Cups.

The dairy unit of the plant has a capacity of 50,000 litres/day of processing and distribution of milk and milk products.

New Plant : In view of overwhelming response from the channel partners and also the consumers, Hangyo Ice Creams has embarked on a major expansion drive which will result in increased capacity and bigger market share.  

As a first step in this direction, a New Plant has been established by the company at Hosalli Village, Kirwatti on National Highway 63 near Yellapur, Uttar Kannada District. The plant is just 45 kms from Hubli.

The new imported automatic plant has a production capacity of 16,000 litres/day of ice creams and can produce ice cream mix too. The company had also installed the continuous freezers to match the processing and manufacturing process; compatible packing capacity is also available to support the production process.

New Markets:

HANGYO and Society:

Hangyo, which entered in the market as a regional player confining to the Karnataka market is now poised for growth by venturing into other states.

The present infrastructure and the new addition would help the company to reach out to the markets of Pune in Maharashtra and enter the Hyderabad City of Andhra Pradesh. Sharing smiles, Hangyo is sure to earn a good Brand Equity in the new markets. The variety of novelties, which would be produced in this plant would certainly entertain the primary consumers of ice creams – children and youth. Hangyo’s vision is to become a national brand in coming years.

Hangyo is a committed corporate citizen and helps directly and indirectly around 3500 families presently. With this new plant our contributions would be for more than 5000 families in society directly or indirectly.

Hangyo Ice Creams conducts annual interschool cricket tournament in Mangalore, whereby the winning team and those students who excel in academic performance in their 10th standards are awarded scholarships. This has become a very popular feature in the city of Mangalore.